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The Student Center for Diversity Advocacy and Inclusion, in short SCDAI, is an organization maintained by students for students that aims to facilitate an inclusive environment for students and staff in higher education. Check out the lastest SCDAI news & activities below!

Islamophobia & Muslim Students

In this resource we offer an insight into the experiences of exclusion that Muslim students go through in the face of an Islamophobic culture in Europe, the Netherlands, and in Western academia. The insights can guide university staff ideas on where to begin efforts of inclusion. The resource provides a collection of facts and figures into systemic barriers for Muslim individuals in Dutch higher education.

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Anti-Fatness and Fat Liberation

The month of January is particularly filled with the toxic discourse revolving around the new year’s resolutions and weight loss. Every second ad is for gym memberships, superfoods, dieting plans, weight loss pills, and so on. In that sense, there is no better time to tackle anti-fatness and fat liberation. 

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Quick guide on inclusive language during holiday season

Merry Christmas is not always an inclusive greeting at this time of the year. There are many ways to bring warmth and joy without invisibilizing people who are not Christian or observing Christmas. 

Check out this quick guide we have created to give you a better understanding on how to be more inclusive during this holiday season.

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