SCDAI Latest News

The Student Center for Diversity Advocacy and Inclusion, in short SCDAI, is an organization maintained by students for students that aims to facilitate an inclusive environment for students and staff in higher education. These are some of the most recent initiatives that we started or participated in.

Board position opening

Join our team and help us support underrepresented students, create educational content, D&I research, and advocacy campaigns. If you are looking to invest some time in fighting for social and educational justice, we’re just the right organization for you!

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SCDAI's Glossary

Language is one of the most crucial aspects of living together as a society. Having an organization-wide glossary can help eliminate knowledge gap barriers within your organization and ensure your internal and external communication enables an inclusive environment.

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The Study Period

Students who menstruate often face obstacles when they have to choose between their education, paying for sanitary products, and access to safe and hygienic spaces to menstruate. Therefore we started a campaign to advocate for a sustainable action plan to eliminate period poverty in the Netherlands, focusing on higher education.

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