We are recruiting! 

For the coming 2022/23 academic year we are looking for students in higher education in Groningen to join our team to work together towards creating more inclusive spaces for underrepresented students.

Dealing with topics of discrimination is not easy. By joining us, you will find yourself in an environment that is not only highly committed to creating meaningful change for underrepresented groups in higher education, but also a very dynamic, fun, and enthusiastic team that is never afraid to have a little fun during our meetings. Our team is a small community that comes together to work on serious issues and in doing so we create a space for all of us, as a team to also heal and find the spirit needed to fight systemic inequalities. Are you interested in joining us? Find more information below on the available positions and how to apply.

The Roles We Are Recruiting For

If you are a student, a (very) recent graduate of higher education in and around Groningen, or you have relevant accreditation for Diversity & Inclusion work, then you are eligible to apply for the roles we are recruiting for! 

We are looking for 2 people to join us, preferably people interested in fulfilling creative roles. Here are the available positions:

Setting expectations about being a SCDAI team member

SCDAI is a voluntary-based organization, as we do not generate any income. Generally speaking, you set your own schedule while working with us. However, by joining our team you should know that working with us requires that you spend a certain amount of time working on your tasks and attending meetings. For example, every week the team meets for about an hour to discuss any relevant matters regarding SCDAI. These meetings are mandatory. We also organize events, workshops and lectures, which we encourage the team to attend in order to support each other’s work. 

Apart from this, you spend time working on the assigned tasks to you which are unique for your role for which you decide when and how you want to execute it. To give you a better idea, some team members work on SCDAI whenever they have an hour free over the span of the week. Others take, for example, one day in the week to complete everything and do not work on SCDAI the rest of the days.

The Recruitment Process

  1. Send us the following to our email [email protected]:
    1. Your motivation, which can be a letter, video, or other creative format.
    2. Your CV.
    3. Disclaimer: Make sure to mention specifically which role you are applying to. You can apply to several if you wish and during the interview we can discuss which could be most suitable.
  1. We get back to you about an interview date and time. 
  2. The interview (online).
  3. We accept or reject you into our team.
  4. We initiate your onboarding process (more details once accepted).

Of course, to make our team most representative of the multifaceted student body in Groningen, we prioritize underrepresented students in higher education.

Got Questions? Get in Touch!

Send us a message to [email protected] or a DM on any of our social media channels!