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SCDAI hiring

Join our team to advocate towards an inclusive and diverse environment for students and staff in higher education in the Netherlands.

What does collaborating and working with us entail?

We’re a team of 6 people who meet on a weekly basis online to organize awareness and advocacy campaigns, develop educational content, events, workshops and protests (a.o). Our work is centered around issues that underrepresented students and staff face in Dutch higher education. 

Time spent with SCDAI

It’s up to you! Ideally, we’re looking for someone who can join either weekly or bi-weekly meetings, and spend around 4-5 hours on their own tasks/role per week (depending on the specific role). But essentially you set your own schedule.   

Open positions

  • Researcher
  • Copywriter
  • Content Editor (Ideally, prior experience with Adobe PremierePro & Audition)
  • Networker
  • Open Vacancy (Send us your proposal!)

Application process

Step 1: Prepare your CV & motivation – you can choose the format and get creative if you want to! (e.g. video, letter, essay, etc.). Include the following points in the motivation:

  • Why are you interested in joining SCDAI?
  • Which specific topics are you most passionate about?
  • Any relevant experiences that you’d like to mention 

Step 2: Send it to until the 10th of October 2021. If you are unable to meet this deadline, please let us know by sending us a message either on our email or via social media.

Step 3: We invite you for a conversation and shortly after, we’ll tell you if you’re in. 

By joining our team, you can automatically become part of SCDAI Community, if you wish to!