Talea Korfé (she/her)

Human resources

Talea was born and raised in Germany. She is a queer woman that grew up in a multicultural family with roots in Hungary. Talea has been engaged in social work since a very young age and her passion for it only grew over the years. She is committed to creating an equitable learning environment within the higher education sector by advocating for systemic educational change.

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Alex Alexandrova (she/her)

Recources & External Communication

Meet Alex. Born and mostly raised in Bulgaria, Alex comes from a family line of Sephardic Jews, and in her teens got involved in her Jewish community in Sofia, where she became part of a youth movement involved in the upkeep of local community and the wider Jewish diaspora. Living in a country which faces a multitude of social issues, as well as her family and the movement, inspired her to develop a passion for social work, activism and advocacy. The latter two came during her years in Groningen, where she recently graduated from the International Communication BA. She currently continues her Master in Media, Power and Difference in Barcelona, Catalonia.

Genesis Saragoza (she/her)

Social media

Genesis was born and raised on Bonaire with roots in the Dominican Republic. When she moved to the Netherlands for her studies, she found herself confronted with a great deal of racism and discrimination. She joined SCDAI to advocate against institutionalized exclusion of marginalized minority groups, but also to help create a safe space for learning and growth for herself and her peers.

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Pim Boutsioukis (he/him)

IT & Website

Pim was born and raised in the Netherlands. Growing up in a heteronormative society brought many questions with him. About himself and the world around him. Being confronted with his own prejudices and at the same time the unjust nature of so many systems and structures in society, motivated him to learn more about topics of inclusion and diversity. He is committed to advocating for a safer and more just world for everybody.

Anoek Klootwijk (she/her)

Graphic designer and content creator

Anoek was born and raised in Friesland, the Netherlands. As she grew up in a small community she quickly started questioning the prejudices and heteronormativity around her. As she is trying to explore her own culture she is trying to educate herself and others on biases, inclusion, and diversity.

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Open positions

Available positions:

  • Research role
  • Copywriting
  • Video and podcast editing (ideally prior experience with Adobe PremierePro & Audition)
  • Advocacy, lobbying, networking
  • Open (send us your proposal!)